Chutes and Ladders Comes to Life at Redwood

To raise school morale and general engagement of students, Redwood high school is applying the classic game of chutes and ladders to the Redwood Campus. Beginning in the school year of 2017-18, every set of staircases will be replaced with a single person slide, accompanied by a single person ladder.
While the administration here at Redwood loves the idea, students were the first who came up with the idea. Megan Mueller, ’17, has been petitioning for this idea to take place since her freshman year. “I really enjoy the game chutes and ladders, and since Redwood has so many stairs, it’d be a nice change of scene for every student, and a good reason to come to school every morning.”
Mueller has been speaking with administration about the topic for some time. “There are now six full flights of stairs on our campus, and every set of stairs comes with it’s own pitfalls. People trip and spill their coffee, some people take leg day too seriously at the gym and take too long walking up the steps, and some people are just plain lazy and stay in the way. My plan would eliminate these ideas, and replace them with fun, safe, and reliable alternatives.”
MacFatherson Ladders and McMistery Slides are the two companies that will be brought in to complete this task, and an estimated two months of construction will have to come about before the idea is brought into the school completely. Rumors of swirly slides in the academic building, and multicolored racing slides for the bridge have been spreading like wildfire, though few know completely what is happening.
“I think people are going to be so surprised when this happens. I know I will be!! It’ll just show how Redwood is the best!”

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