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Yearbook Reflects

Yearbook season is quickly coming to an end as its deadline approaches next week. Yearbook has been working very hard on creating it from scratch and creating the theme. It will be available Tuesday, May 23rd.  

Yearbook advisor, Mr. Feehan, said, “March is our high stress time, which is fun with all the other stuff that goes on in March. It’s a really good yearbook, last year it was very well received so it’s always hard going from a yearbook like that into the next year.”

Feehan also said, “The editors have their own ideas for the design and for the cover and all that. We start with the preliminary planning stuff in July. We work July to the beginning of April on the majority of it….about 10 months.”

Yearbook editor, Christine Bianco, ‘17, said, “I’m excited to share something I created. There’s so been so much thought and effort put into the yearbook.” 

“I’m proud of it. I hope that other people enjoy it, it’s been a really good learning experience because I found the thing I wanna do with the rest of my life…hopefully a career. You have to come up with a theme, come up with an idea of the spreads and how the layouts are gonna work, where the pictures are gonna go where the articles are gonna go and where the captions are gonna go and you have to tie that in with the theme. Once you have the skeleton you have to fill it all in and take good picture, then especially write good articles.

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