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The Verdict Is In

On March 24- 25, Mock Trial went to Riverside, CA to compete in state competition and came back with 12th place. Mock Trial is a club at Redwood that students carry out trials. Mock Trial is a rehearsed courtroom trial competition that gives students the chance to learn about the legal system by acting out roles. Participating students take on the roles of defense and prosecuting attorneys, witnesses, bailiff, clerk, among others. Mock Trial is lead by Redwood AP European History, Mrs. Nauman, and  World History teacher, Mr. Pruett.

Mr. Pruett said, “Redwood’s Mock Trial team attended a state competition in Riverside. It was a great experience for the students and they went against some strong competition. Out of 34 California counties that participated, Redwood students took 12th in the state, beating all of the other local counties… It was very fun working with the team this year.” Mock trial has been working really hard throughout the year and clearly it was a success.

Edward Cobian, 17’, said, “ It’s absolutely glorious, going to state was a lot of work but we definitely deserved to go to state…Seeing a whole bunch of great California legal teenage minds, [referring to the teams] and thinking am I good enough and all these emotions but at the end, I think I did okay.” Edward has been a member of Mock trial for two years and it is the first time competing in a state competition.

Noelle Andrew, 20’, said, “ We’ve been preparing for seven months [for the competition]. We left Thursday night and checked into our hotel. Our first round was Friday night and we had three more rounds on Saturday. Sunday was our awards ceremony. Before my round, I was really really nervous but halfway through, I became accustomed to it because I have competed in County before so I felt really prepared.” This is Noelle’s first year in Mock Trial and first time going to State.

Overall, Mock Trial was a success placing 12th place. They prepared rigorously to make sure everything flows smoothly. The members of the club worked long and hard for seven months and made sure they brought back great news for Redwood.

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