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Move Over Oscars, Slick Rock Film Festival is Here!

Every sport and club has some sort of “championship” to aim or be rewarded for all their efforts. Football has Cowhide, whereas Ranger Video has Slick Rock Film Festival! Slick Rock Film Festival is a festival where students can submit videos of any genre for friendly competition and judging. Much like Sundance Film Festival or even the Oscars, Slick Rock gives out rewards for the best videos decided by the Tulare County Office of Education. Film categories range from PSAs to blockbusters to music videos! Redwood Video has been participating in Slick Rock Film Festival since its first launch in 2002.

Alyssa Arce ‘17 said, “I submitted [a video] last year, but it didn’t make it so hopefully this year goes better.” Alyssa, along with Anthony Lopez, Dylan Burr and Christine Bianco submitted a music video titled ‘Hopeless Wanderer’ filmed on the coast of Morro Bay.

Dylan Burr’s 2016 Slick Rock Festival Award

Noah Thompson ‘17 said, “I submitted 5 videos this year to Slick Rock and I feel really good about all of them.” Noah, along with Greg Hipskind filmed a music video cover of “Collide” by Howie Day. He said,“Hopefully the judges will see the video for the masterpiece it is and throw it up on the top 5.”

Mr. Henshaw, Redwood’s video teacher and XL program leader, said, “In the past, students participated on their own and it wasn’t really part of the program yet.” Since then, students have been getting more and more involved in Slick Rock and he is hopeful that future students will continue the tradition at Redwood.

The Slick Rock Film Festival will be premiering every video submitted on Friday, May 12th and the Awards Ceremony, as well as the screening of the top 5 videos, will be at 6:30pm the same day.

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