London Terror Attack: Are we really safe?

On March 22 of 2017, the deadliest London terror attack in 12 years happened near the Parliament and over 40 people were injured and 4 deaths occurred. When people think of a terror attack the images that primarily appear in mind are that of shootings or bombings mainly because those are the attacks mostly reported about. Those are the attacks that have caused schools and various buildings to put up gates, guards and security camera coverage. If there’s a way to more efficiently protect citizens, it has most likely already been acted on. But how can you protect yourself from a car speeding down a street aiming to hit civilians?

Unlike guns and other typical weaponry, cars can be owned and driven by anyone anywhere as long as they legally obtain that car and license. Even so, it is just as easy to steal a car. In this situation, a man was speeding down the street and purposely hitting people around him. Some of these people were merely crossing the street or strolling on the sidewalk of the Westminster Bridge.

Redwood High School is a well-known school in Visalia and is located in a heavily populated area. Cars, like the one involved in the terror attack, pass by the school’s surrounding streets all the time. It is difficult to think of such things happening so close to home, but to the people involved in the London terror attack the same thoughts occurred to them too.

How can we protect ourselves in a world where easily-obtainable things, such as cars, can be used against us? There really is no way to create safety everywhere at any time from anything, but the only way to prevent those things from happening is staying on guard at all times.

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