Rangers going for a Win

On Friday, March 31st ,Redwood Track will be competing against our rivals, Mt Whitney, at the Whitney track.

Coach Banks, said, “I expect to have a good, solid meet and to get a lot of kids some meet experience who haven’t been able to participate.” Banks goal for this season is to get better marks, fight for the WYL championship and to hopefully get a lot of kids to qualify for state.

Kyvontei Campbell ‘18, said “People are always saying, Oh, it’s a duel meet so I’m not gonna try that hard, but I’m racing against myself so I’m gonna do my best to try and get a better PR.”

Halle Arellano, ‘19, said “I would like to PR in the 300s.” Arellano’s goal for the meet is to 4 step the whole race.

The distance Coach Tony said, “I think we’re coming on good at the right time of the year. The times are improving and we’re rounding out; I look forward to next month and WYL.”

The meet will start at 4 o’clock and will be at the Whitney track. Come out and support your fellow Rangers!

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