Spring Break Is Coming!

With Spring Break coming up in a few weeks, it’s time to keep in mind what we our planning to do. Many are traveling and many are staying home with family.

Erica Chaboya, ’19, said,”I’m going to my Dad’s over Spring Break by myself, but my mom is taking me. I’m going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Fishermen’s Wharf in Monterrey Bay. I’m feeling excited because I get a break from school and its going to be fun. After Spring Break is over, I will mostly miss the beach.”

Spring break is a good opportunity to spend time with family that we don’t always see and concentrate on our family and friends. Kassandra Garcia, ’19,  said, “I’m going to Universal Studios with my family. The rest of the break I’m hanging out with friends and at home. I’m ready to get a break from school to relax and go on trips. Break is exciting because it gives me time to relax and have fun rather than worrying about homework.”

Homework is one of the main reasons why many want to Spring break to come faster.

Taya Bueno, ’19, said,”I’m going to spend break with my friends and family. I’m going to hangout with friends and go to the beach. I’m going to enjoy not having homework and be able to relax. I won’t be stressed about worrying about schoolwork”.

Staying up late is one of the beneficial parts of Spring break and sleeping in.

Jackie Escobar, ’19, said,”I don’t know exactly what I’m doing for Spring Break yet but I want to somewhere fun with my family.I’m going to miss school because I like going to school but it’s always good having break.I’m going to like Spring Break because I can sleep in and do stuff I wouldn’t be able to do during school.”

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