Why is Standardized Testing a Thing?

Everyone who wishes to go to a state college, UC, or a private college must take standardized tests before applying. Among the many tests, there are the SAT and ACT. The scores received from these two tests are viewed by colleges, and it helps to determine whether or not a student is “prepared” enough to attend their prestigious institution.

I don’t think that someones ability to do well in college should be determined by whether or not they can answer 20 math problems in 25 minutes. The factors that truly determines if you will be successful at the collegiate level is if you can manage time well. However, I don’t think that should be determined by testing. Most students have a job or play a sport while getting good grades, and that is proof enough that a student can manage time well.

Not to mention how expensive it is to take the tests. An SAT test costs about $55 to take, and if one is lucky enough, they only have to take it once. However, many people have to take it more than once to get a decent score. Assuming that someone gets a score that proves to colleges that they are “ready” to attend on their second crack at the SAT, they have already spent over $100, which is a lot of money to invest. The ACT tests costs around the same amount as the SAT. If someone did good on the ACT on their second try, they will have spent a over $200 on standardized tests, which does not prove anything of their ability to go to college.

Also, these standardized tests cost students loads of stress. On top of AP tests, AP courses and being involved, high school students today also have to worry about unnecessary tests. There is ultimately no way to “study” for the test. Most students just hope they do well enough to get a well enough score on the test the first time. The test is unnecessary stress to high school students because it ultimately does not prove that one is “ready” for college.

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