AP Test Registration

It’s that time of the year where students need to start studying for AP Tests. Along with preparing to take the AP Tests, students also need to sign up for all the tests that they are taking. The deadline to complete AP Test registration is on Wednesday, March 22. It requires a $15 dollar down payment, and a total payment of $93 by the day of the test.

Henry Fulmer, ’17, has previously taken 6 AP tests. He said, “Whatever you do, don’t stay up late the night of the test!” He takes plenty of notes for each of his AP classes, and pays attention so that he doesn’t have to learn everything last minute. He believes that AP tests prepare students for college level exams. He takes as many AP tests as possible because he knows it can potentially save students thousands of dollars by getting elective credits and credits for general education classes out of the way. He said, “Even if your college doesn’t accept AP scores, or your scores don’t end up meeting the requirement, it still looks very good on your resume.”

Joseph Kim, ’18, is taking 3 AP classes this year. He said, “The worst part about AP testing is probably the stress and anxiety that accompanies the test.” He is currently preparing for the tests with AP flashcards and studying with Barron’s test prep books.

Any questions and concerns about the AP tests can be answered by Mrs. Ashford in the front office.

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