AP Testing or AP Stressing?

As Summer gets closer, so does AP testing for some Sophomore, Juniors, and Seniors. AP testing takes place towards the end of the year after being enrolled in an Advanced-Placement course like English, Calculus AB, Statistics, Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, US History, Government & Politics, Music Theory, and European History. These tests determine the knowledge gathered in a year’s-worth of rigorous courses.

If the test is passed with a 3 or higher, students receive credit for the course in college. However, some colleges only grant credit for scores of 4 or 5, and some don’t give any no matter the score. Not only do AP tests allow students to get ahead in college credits, they also give students extra points in their GPA that allows it to rise above a 4.0. Although the end result of AP testing is rewarding, it required months of rigorous preparation. Here are the opinions of fellow Rangers who have taken the tests.

Joseph Kim, ‘18, said “The hardest thing for me is regulating a balanced lifestyle. With all of these AP classes, sports, music, community service, jobs and other extracurricular compiling this year, it has been difficult to find a happy medium in which maximizes accomplishing both my short-term goals and long-term goals.” Kim has successfully passed the AP exam for European History his Sophomore year.

Destiny Campos ‘18 said “AP testing in my experience has been good. It’s a long difficult test, but you have the guidance of your teachers throughout the year and your hard work will get you through it.¨Campos has successfully passed the AP exam for Spanish Literature.

I think AP testing is a valuable resource provided in our high school that needs to be taken advantage of. Yes, the class consists of extensive curriculum and long, stressful nights, but the pay off is worth not having to take that certain class in college. Also, AP testing gives high school students just a taste of what college courses will be like. If you get used to the AP classwork, college work won’t hit you as dramatically or harshly.

Give AP a chance, you’ll be thankful for it later.


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