Ashes to Ashes, Seniors to Freshmen

It’s nearing the end of their high school careers for Redwood seniors as the various colleges and universities are sending their acceptance letters out and giving Redwood seniors new hope about the future. These seniors have worked tirelessly with the help of faculty to be awarded with admission to their dream colleges.

These students got accepted to various colleges and universities across the country. When asked what colleges he was admitted to, Dylan Burr, ‘17, said “So far University of Washington, Loyola Marymount University and Chapman University.” Ilianna Delgado, ‘17, said, “So far I have gotten into University of Washington, Chapman, Davis, Fresno State, and Long Beach State.” Getting accepted to these colleges is no small feat as thousand of applications are submitted, but only the best receive acceptance letters.

All of these rangers didn’t get accepted purely on academic merit, but also the amazing work they do outside of school. Delgado is an example of the activists in the community and she worked hard in order to make her community a better place. Delgado said “I’m the founder and president of this girl’s self esteem group ‘GEMS’ at Green Acres. ‘GEMS’ stands for ‘Girls Empowered and Motivated for Success’.” Her effort to enrich the lives of upcoming high schoolers no doubt will create a positive lasting effect on the community.

Not only did these students get admitted to prestigious colleges, they were also offered scholarships to compensate for the cost of a higher education. Alyssah Nevarez, ‘17, said “Vanguard is one of my top three, and I actually got accepted on an academic scholarship, so a majority of my tuition is already payed for.” Michael McFadden, ‘17, also shared a similar experience. He said “I’m up for a huge scholarship known as their performance scholarship and I get to hear about that soon. And they have also payed for all my vocal lessons which is great because I’m a music major, and weekly vocal lessons are not cheap, so that’s going to save me a good $200 a month.” If finances are an issue for you, there are options to alleviate that issue, much like these students did.

Unfortunately, with millions of high school students across the country trying to be admitted to the same colleges leaves some students with lessons learned. Regarding her rejection letter from Long Beach, Nevarez said, “It still sucks, but it’s not something I’m bummed about.” We followed up by asking her what she would change if she could go back in her academic career. She said “I think I’d go back to freshman year and take more core classes [so I didn’t have to take them this year].”

But these Rangers didn’t have to brave this process alone. Mrs. Jauregui, a senior counselor, and Mrs. Bettencourt, a science teacher on campus, have both made countless efforts to help their classes with college admission. When asked how she feels about the seniors’ acceptance letters, Jauregui said, “It’s exciting. I feel like they finally get to see their work, at the same time it’s heartbreaking because they may not get into their dream school.” Bettencourt said, “It is so exciting for me to see their hard work pay off. That’s why I love hearing the good news because when they get in, it confirms that all the studying that they’ve done, all those hours that they put in, has payed off.” Both of these faculty members also dedicate their time in order to aid students get into college. Jauregui said “Right now, it’s usually sending the transcript, …sending financial aid, [and] encouraging students to apply for scholarships and to check their student portal and email because a lot of colleges communicate through them.” When asked how she helps her senior class, Bettencourt said, “I think that providing information and easing their fears because it can be a scary process and just letting them know take it step by step, prepare for the essay, I think those pointers help ease the stress.” Jauregui also gave a list of resources for students to use in these upcoming months. She said that “californiacolleges.edu is a great website and [so is] the general Redwood website. Redwood also has a scholarship google page that I recommend seniors check.”

It’s obvious to see that the combined efforts of both students and faculty creates a legacy of success and achievement. If you are struggling with scholarships or college decisions, there is always someone who is able to help you at Redwood High School.

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