Speaking with my Hands?

Redwood is growing all the time. Not only are 800 freshmen attending Redwood next year, but two new languages are also gonna be an option. Sign Language and Chinese. Redwood has had a ASL club, that would sign at the musical and other big events, but now it’s time to take it to another level.

Sign language will of course get a teacher. That’s also gonna be a new one. The students are also excited about this class. One of the students that have chosen sign language next year is Brianna Ramos, ’18. She is an active member of ASL, and have been signing at the Redwood musical, for two years now. That is just one of the cool thing that Redwood ASL club does. “I always thought that it was super cool, and super fun, just to learn something new.” Brianna also thinks that it is kinda special that Redwood now offers sign language. “It’s not really offered anywhere else, since this is the first year, so I thought it would be pretty cool to take.”
Ramos believes learning ASL is a good benefit for her when she grows up. “I’m already bilingual, so hopefully this will make me progress to become trilingual.” which means that she will be learning a third language fluently. Other than that Ramos hopes that other students will be willing to try out sign language. “It’s not just a language, it’s an entire community and culture. It’s just so cool, and it is interesting to learn about.”

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