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Spanish Honors Society

Spanish Honors Society is currently accepting new members. All applications are due March 30th along with $10. The application must be turned into the student’s current Spanish teacher. Incomplete or late applications or payments will not be accepted. The student must have an A overall in Spanish class and an overall B in all Redwood classes.  

Senora Karlea said the first step for students is to fill out name, student I.D., grade level ,and other personal information. Also needed are student and parent signatures.

The second step is attaching a Redwood High School Transcript. The transcript must show all semesters of the academic work and must also indicate the overall GPA and class ranking. Students can ask Ms. Sanchez or a counselor for a transcript.

The third step is to ask three staff members and teachers to read and sign to make sure you fulfill the criteria of character and honor. One must be your current Spanish teacher. Character and honor means students uphold the highest standards of honesty, reliability, fairness, and tolerance. Students must meet responsibilities both inside and outside of the classroom.

The fourth step is for students to write a short essay about themselves in Spanish. It must describe what they like about their Spanish class, who they are, why they study Spanish, and how they will use their Spanish skills in future after high school. A parents must sign at the end of the essay.

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