New Chinese Foreign Language Class?

Chinese Mandarin is going to be one of the two foreign languages that are going to be added here at Redwood High School for the 2017-18 school year.

At the request of the school board, there had been a survey taken in the previous years to ask what new foreign languages could benefit the community or the business community. Some identified needs for the 21st century marketplaces included Mandarin Chinese, American Sign Language, Italian, Japanese and others to be best suited. They were put in a survey for the students at the four comprehensive high schools to vote on, and the students were most interested in Chinese Mandarin and American Sign Language.

These new languages are not only being added to Redwood High School, but the whole Visalia Unified School District.

There is a catch to all of this, Mr. Shin, the principal of Redwood High School said, “However, if we don’t get the interests for registration or if we can’t find the teacher credentialed to teach it, we won’t have them.”

Students are excited for new foreign languages being added because there would be more interests in other cultures. Salvador Macareno, ‘19, is a student interested in taking Mandarin Chinese next year. “I feel like it’s a great idea because there are people who may not be interested in French and Spanish only,” said Macareno.

Some also say that it would have been great for these choices to be added sooner because it is a great idea. Claire Yang, ‘19, said “I’m honestly excited for the new languages… I’m mad that I didn’t get the same choice when I came in as a freshman.”

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