CASA Superhero Fun Run Experience

On March 11th, Court Appointed Special Advocates(CASA) was hosting a charity event raising awareness for children who are neglected and go through foster care. I didn’t even know this existed until my English class introduced it to me. In English, my friends and I were working on a group project. We wanted to focus on kids who feel like they have no one in the world. We discovered CASA and what they are hosting.

At first, I thought the event was going to be all adults and maybe a few kids forced to attend because of their parents. The night before, I was texting my friends what time we should arrive, where we are going to meet and what to do if something goes wrong. I prepare my stuff for the day of the event making sure I don’t look silly.

To my surprise, the CASA event was filled with kids my age, and of course adults with their children. Since the event was superhero themed, people were dressed up as their favorite superhero. My friend and I saw a couple dressed as Captain America and the Flash which makes sense and clever. My group and I signed up for the 5k run or walk event. Of course, I walked the whole thing. After an hour long walk, my friends and I gathered at the starting line for the mini award ceremony for the runners who placed 1st-5th place. They had a costume contest, raffle and they were handing out food. After the event, my friends and I hung out messing around with the left over balloons and taking advantage of the left over muffins. We talked with the event planner as well.

Isaiah Chavez,’19, said, “I liked the fun run…My experience was pretty good, I got a t-shirt and muffins. Plus it felt nice outside to run.”

Gilberto Rivas,’19, said, “I liked it because I got to spend time with you [Valeria], while also helping a good cause. I also won bowling tickets.”

Overall, I’m pretty happy and satisfied to actually go through with the initial plan my group and I created two months ago. I never knew that supporting a great cause can be so fun. Of course I wish I was way more prepared for the actual event, but lesson learned. Hopefully CASA will host another fun run soon because it truly was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

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