Raid Your Pockets, It’s Pennies for Patients Season!

Redwood High School has always been a really great support for different organizations who help our community, in fact  Redwood just had a fundraiser for kids day in which Redwood students raised more then 10 grands for Valley children’s hospital  but that wasn’t it right after that redwood ASB started the Fundraiser “Pennies For Patients”.

Alyssa Navarro, ’17, is ASB student. Navarro said, ” There is no organization such as Pennies for patients is just a catchy motto, we do this fundraiser for the organization  Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. So, basically what happens is all the money that we collect it helps that patient who can’t afford their treatment.”

Valisity Vargas , ’18, another ASB student, said, “This year pennies for patients is a little difference. Redwood ASB put boxes in English classes just like every year but the new thing this year is that ASB students themselves are carrying a donation box with them so their good friends can also help them, I think it’s a really good because we can collect more then we collected in the past.”

Bridget Byerlee, ’17, donated to this good cause. Byerlee said, ” It’s important to give back and organization like this have been in my heart for a long time, Something as simple as collecting change around you house or school can make a big difference in others lives and it’s something everyone can do to give back.”

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