Hey there Mr. Ranger!

Mr. Ranger has come! On Friday, March 10th inside the Rotary Theater, five awesome contestants from clubs all around Redwood have been chosen to compete for the title of “Mr. Ranger.” It’s an honor to contain this title because it’s a representation of what Redwood is about. It shows the talent, personality, and humor that a Redwood Ranger has. Homecoming is a big deal because we choose a girl, as a representation of Redwood, to be our Homecoming Queen. Mr. Ranger is the exact same thing, just with boys instead of girls!
The contestants were all senior members of a campus club which included Romel Robinson escorted by Raven Diggs, Mario Reyes escorted by Molly Cummings, Warren Davis escorted by Kassandra Poncey, Michael McFadden escorted by Mikayla Hays, and Juju Nunez escorted by Bryanna Martinez all in the titling for the Mr. Ranger event which was also hosted by Rebecca Garcia and Mida Portillo.
Robinson and Diggs came out performing a dance with a hilarious reenactment from the movie “White Chicks”, where they are inside the club having a dance battle and as he went in for a head spin, his luscious locks of hair(wig), flew right off!
Reyes and Cummings came out with a well put together performance of an interpretive dance to the song, “Call Me Maybe”, dressed as Mario and Peach from Super Mario! Not a beat was skipped as the two danced in sync with each other on stage. He even gave some of the judges his digits throughout the performance!
Davis came out as a solo artist with a story to read to the audience along with some personality. He read “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss with not only his voice but the voices of two different characters, very loudly, making the entire story interesting and hilarious.
McFadden and Hays came out as a pair, performing an act they called, “How To Make A Sandwich.” The act consisted the two of them with southern accents and a lot of attitude when it came to making a very special and not so common sandwich. As the made this sandwich full of many random food choices. They even tried it getting a reaction from the crowd! Even host, Mida Portillo, took a bite of the very unique sandwich with a not so satisfying face.
Then came out Juju, or should we say, “Beyoncé”, as he performed a lip sync act to the song “Run the World (Girls).” He came out dressed to impress with a tight body hugging blouse and a black skirt along with high knee socks and a blond wig. He was busting some serious Beyoncé moves on the stage making the crowd laugh and cheer!
Though there were many great acts and performances, but there could only be one Mr. Ranger 2017 and that title was awarded to Juju Nunez! Overall, all the boys did a fantastic job at giving Redwood the show of a lifetime.

Results :
Michael McFadden – Mr. Brains
Warren Davis – Mr. Comedian
Mario Reyes – Mr. Sweetheart
Romel Robinson – Mr. Strong
Juju Nunez – Mr. Ranger

Hey there Mr.Ranger!

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