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Album Review: Ed Sheeran “Divide”


With Divide’s release earlier this month, the world has been severely impacted by the power of Ed Sheeran. This singer songwriter is an expert at writing his feelings down on paper, and converting them into 3-minute masterpieces. These are a couple of the stand-out songs features on his recent album.

Eraser by Ed Sheeran

Hearing this song sort of reminds me of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” from the “+” album. With a funky, acoustic riff that repeats itself throughout the song, Ed Sheeran’s lyrics overlay rhythmic beats. His verses are flooded with rap-style tones up until the bridge when he slides into a strong, singing style. In Eraser, Sheeran admits all the hard work it took him to achieve the success he carries today. He also addresses the dark sides of the industry claiming he believes that “money is the root of all evil and famous hell” and how he would never let it destroy him, for even after all these years he’s still “wearing the same old jeans”.

Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

This tune has dominated the top charts since it’s release. With it’s tropical beats and homemade undertones, Ed Sheeran communicates a catchy bop you’ll probably end up singing in the shower. In this song, Sheeran describes a night out with a mysterious girl who immediately captivates his attention. He adds a unique twist to a typical pop, love song with out-of-the-box lyrics like “we push and pull like a magnitude”. This song will definitely stick in your brain the second you play it.

Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran

With Irish roots and pop-like beats, Sheeran was able to captivate a folk-like atmosphere in Ireland and transform it into a modern-day cultural twist. Through the tune, he’s describing an adventure with a foreign girl and how he swears he’ll write a song about this “Galway girl and a perfect night”. This song is audible proof of Sheeran being among one of the few artists in the 21st century to have incorporated foreign instruments into their pieces.

Barcelona by Ed Sheeran

This upbeat tune contains electric and acoustic guitar sounds, as well as flute and spanish percussions causing an involuntary tap to the foot. This song just makes me feel like I have to dance, as well as travel the entire world.

These are only a small sample of the “Divide” album, but these perfectly encompass Sheeran’s overall happy tones of the whole record. Overall, I think this album is a great way to kick off the year and will definitely be on repeat for me. I will also be hopefully attending his concert in August as well, can’t wait to drown in my own tears hearing Ed live.

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