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Look Out For Orchestra’s CMEA

Orchestra’s CMEA festival is coming up on Wednesday, March 15th at El Diamante High School during school hours. The schools performing at the festival are all three orchestras from Redwood, as well as some in town and out of town high school groups.

A violin.

The California Music Educators Association is a professional organization for teachers in the state have a state-run festival during this program and go to the festivals and are judged by three different judges that give ratings such as superior, excellent, good, fair, and ect. Rather than a competition, the performers would get a rating based on how they did.

On February 28th, the orchestras had their Pre-Festival concert as a warmup for the actual festival. What differs in the two concerts is that there are no judges in the pre-concert.

Mr. Yokota, the orchestra teacher for Redwood High School said, “The pre-festival obviously is a couple of weeks before the festival, so it’s kind of a warm-up… but the main thing is getting to the theatre and and let the students know or see and hear how it sounds in there and let them get used to it.”

Since the pre-concert differs from the actual festival, some students are going to be nervous and scared on how they perform, such as the freshmen who have not been to a festival before.

Kira Navarro ‘20 said, “I think we will do okay as long as we practice”

Others are also excited for the festival, such as Chris Abadia ‘19. Abadia said, “It is a fun experience to see how far you’ve gotten as a musician because of all the practice you’ve been doing throughout the years to see how well you’ve done.”

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