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Sadie takes a holiday

Saturday night, the place to be was at GDub at the annual VUSD Sadie Hawkins dance “Sadie Takes a Holiday”.

Doors opened at 8. Attendees dressed up in themed attire. There were Santa hats, leprechauns, and the occasional American flag. Couples and groups lined up early.

DJ Technique on the 1’s and 2’s

The dance was decorated in holiday themes. each table represented a different holiday through its centerpiece, and the date of each holiday was on a huge poster behind each table.

Cinco de Mayo Rangers

Essence photography was on hand to capture the memories. The backdrop had a collage of all of the holidays a person could think of.

A three foot mirror ball took center stage.


Couples munched on salted caramel brownies at the Valentine’s Day themed refreshment table while taking a break from the dance floor.

Gdub on Sadies Night

Parking was a challenge. GWHS is getting a rather large solar system installed. much of their parking was fenced off. It didn’t seem to bother attendees much, though.

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