New Water Fountain?!?!

By: Jazmine Garcia and Gabrielle Bridges

Recently Redwood added a new object in the Academic building.The water bottle refiller has many students excited and interested in where and why the water bottle refiller was installed.

We interviewed our janitor Mr. Madruga and asked him some questions of what he thought about the new water bottle refiller.

Principal Shin, said, “The purpose of putting the water bottle refiller in the academic building is having a water bottle refiller would help the entire student body a lot since the warmer weather is coming up, and we thought many students would greatly appreciate it.”

They will also be trying to replace many of the water fountains around school with the water bottle refillers. They are wanting replace the water fountain in the fitness center with the water bottle filler, also on the Sierra Vista campus, and one in front of the band room.

Administrators in the office were not willing to tell us the full price of these new water bottle refillers. Principal Shin’s secretary told us that the money came from general funds and these water bottle refillers cost a good chunk of money.

Mr. Madruga, the janitor. “ I like the new changes and it is just the beginning.”


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