Best of the Best Memes

Memes, they are the king of comedy posts when it comes to social media, but what are the best of the best of all time? I narrowed it down to the top five best types of memes that the internet has to offer. Everyone can agree that the key ingredient to a great meme is its worthiness of being reused throughout the year(s) without it being an overkill such as the legendary Grumpy Cat, one of the earliest forms of memes.

The most popular of memes are the ones that anyone on whatever level can relate to. These are the ones that make it on the popular page on Instagram, Twitter or they originally came from Tumblr and will never die off because of how relatable they are. They usually stick to the idea of relationships, school problems, being petty/narcissistic, and personal problems people can relate to. This type of meme plays it safe.

A common form of memes is a gif comes from the funniest clip from a video and the clip usually goes viral. They end up making it on a post that is shared through social media. In some cases, the gifs are screenshotted and the one scene from the gif is turned into a meme. This meme is usually a cycle.

Always proceed with caution when it comes to offensive memes because they are truly, absolutely offensive. With these memes, there are no boundaries and it will trigger viewers that are easily offended. In this type of meme, they make jokes on race, religion, sensitive topics and even political views which can pass as just as an opinion but not approved to be. This meme will leave a sting.

Five seconds of fame is basically a meme that is currently popular because of one line such as “cash me outside how bow dat” and “rain drop drop top.” There are also the new ones that have been circling around social media platforms such as “the Cat in the Hat” and “what in tarnation” which is basically a cowboy hat on a product or someone. These types of memes are what’s popular at the time and is eventually replaced with another popular slogan, trend, gif or picture.

Pepe, Bad Luck Brian, Kermit the Frog, Harambe, Grumpy Cat and Spongebob are some of the best of the best memes out there. They are legends in the meme kingdom and they can not be destroyed. These memes have been around on every type of social media platform. These memes will never die off. If your meme makes it here, you are the king of memes.


  1. these are really funny i like the top one the best thats so me

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