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A Monster Good Idea

Some of the monsters that the 3D Art students have made.

On Friday, the 2nd of March, the Advanced 3D Art class and Ms. Yates, the 3D art teacher, went to Four Creeks Elementary School to get the last step done in their monster project: giving them back to the children.

This project has been a longer process, that started in the beginning of the semester. It was a partnership with the 2nd graders from Four Creeks Elementary School, that designed their own monsters on paper, and sent them to the high school students so they could bring their monster to life. They have been writing back and forth with the 2nd graders and Friday the kids could finally get their monsters.

The monsters are made out of clay, and this has been a long process that has needed patience from the 3D art students. First they got a review on all the clay techniques and how to sculpt. After this the sculpting begins, then the firing (that can go wrong), then glancing and firing again. It is a longer process that does not go perfect the first time.

Yates said, “We have had to do some repairs, because things fell off, like some little monster arms that fell off.”

This is the first year Redwood is trying out this project, and it sounds like it is a lot of fun for all parts.

Yates said, “So far it’s been really fun. We’re so excited about giving them to the 2nd graders, and see their little faces.” And she wished to do this project again next year.

The advanced 3D art students are also really enjoying this project.

Vanessa Lopez ’17 said, “It’s been really fun having a child draw something and then bring it to life.” She points out that it has not been without challenges because it was hard getting the monsters to look the exact same. Vanessa was also very excited about giving her clay monster to the kids she had designed for. “I am very excited to see kids, that I made the monster for and see his reaction. I’m also hoping for a really good day with them.”

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