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Ranger Week Dress Up Days

Redwood is currently hosting Mr. Ranger Week. ASB came up with the theme of Salad Dressing, which is pretty weird but sounds exciting to see what people will come up with.

Monday’s dress up day is Vinaigrette. Which means, class colors. The freshman are wearing red, Sophomore is white, Juniors is green, and the Seniors is pink.

Tuesday’s day is Ranch, which is Country. Wednesday’s dress up is Thousand Island and that’s tropical attire. Thursday is Caesar, which is Greek/Rome. And lastly, Friday is Blue Cheese and that means School Spirit!!

Katie Salazar ’18, “Although it sounds a little weird, ASB actually has been dying to do this theme with something for quite a while now, basically the theme is different cultures kind of like Italian dressing, Greek dressing or American.”

It may seem odd, but it actually worked out pretty well and sounds like it would turn out great. So dress up, have Ranger Spirit and support our Ranger boys Friday, March 10th!

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