Hit and Runs Are No Fun!

Students at Redwood High School have been the victims of Hit and Run as of recently which is causing turmoil amongst those affected by the incidents. These accidents have ranged from minor scrapes to sizeable dents that will often be fixed with the victim’s own money as the suspect is nowhere to be found.

Bryanna Martinez, ‘17, was a victim of hit and run. When asked about the damage done to her car, Martinez said “The driver’s door and the door right behind it, so the passenger in the back, both the doors were dented and paint was taken off. They were pretty badly dented.” We followed up with asking where the accident took place. Martinez said “It happened at a friend’s house. My car was parked outside.”

Martinez was later asked how the accident affected her, in which she said “it was kind of stressful cause I just got my car, i got it the first day of school this year. And I know it was a lot of work for my parents to get that car for me, so it was a bummer for not only me, but for my parents financially.”

Is there a way to prevent hit and run from happening to you? She said “I’m not really sure there is a way to prevent them. I think it just kind of goes with being at a place at the wrong time.”

There may not be a way to prevent hit and runs happening, but there are ways to make them less likely to happen. If you park in a corner spot, or next to a handicap spot that is rarely used, there will only be the possibility of one car parking next to you as opposed to two cars on either side of wherever you parked. Since there is only one car parking next to your car, it protects one side of your car from being hit by a car navigating the parking lot. That may not seem like much, but in a place where most high school students do not have the funds to have their car repaired, it could make a difference.

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