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Redwood’s Mock Trial Take Home the Gavel

On Thursday, February 16th, 2017, the Redwood Mock Trial team went head-to-head with University Prep High School in the final round at the Tulare County Office of Education. Redwood came out in first place, taking home the pride and the victory.

Redwood beat University Prep 463 to 433. Redwood will go on to compete against the best teams around California at State on March 24-26th.

“It feels amazing because all the hard work we did finally paid off, but we still have state to think about and we need to be working on that,” said Edward Cobian, ‘17, the defense closer on the Mock Trial team.

Both teams brought their case to Judge Bret D. Hillman, a real judge from the courthouse of Tulare. The teams are required to argue a fake case, which revolves around the felony of human trafficking. Students would take the places of witnesses, attorneys, a clerk, and a bailiff to stage the room like it was a real court case.

“My favorite part about competition was the look on co-council’s faces after I would finish my closing. After every single trial you can feel a sigh of relief because it’s been about two hours of intense studying and work and it’s finally over and we know we did good,” Cobian said.

These students were given a court case packet in the beginning of the year, roughly around the month of September, to read over and build their argument.

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