Is Technology Ruining the Way We Live?

Right: Eric Chavez, ’18.
Left: Valisity Vargas, ’18.

With the advancements made in technology, our lives have been at a rapid changing pace because of the evolving electronics and trends displayed in social media.

During the holiday season, I noticed at family gatherings how different the atmosphere has become over the years. Ten years ago, my cousins and I spent the majority of our days playing outside with a game of hide-and-seek. Five years ago, we would spend a bit of our time playing on our new fancy Nintendo DSIs, along with some non-electronic activities. Our new toys definitely outshone the ordinary game of tag, but that didn’t eliminate the activity from our agenda. Today, most of my family members under the age of eighteen spend most of their time inside, surrounded by other cousins also accompanied with their phone.

Even in our daily lives, we have a prone habit to have our phone at our reach at all times. As much as we hate to admit it, we suffer when we are not around our devices. I think society should take a step back from the screens and admire the parts of our lives that don’t require a charger. It makes me upset seeing people walking down the street with their eyes glued on their phones or tablets, rather than watching their surroundings. Not only is it unsafe to walk across the street with your eyes on your screens, it also prevents people from really taking in a setting and appreciating visual moments of their lives.

But here’s the issue: Society claims that we should take a step back from our screens, but we always cycle back to our phones. Even when people go on hikes or travel, there’s always a picture that we have to post after it all. Is it really crucial for us to document every move we make? Our generation should use social media for it’s ability to connect us with family and friends, but we shouldn’t use it to show off. The use of a social media profile is different to many people, but in general, its concrete purpose is for an individual to be able to look back at a moment in time like a digital journal.

Instead of worrying about getting a video or picture on your Snapchat story of the awesome concert you’re at, why not enjoy the once in a lifetime moment yourself? Instead of playing Angry Birds while you’re waiting at the Doctor’s office, why not take a chance and pick up the newspaper hidden underneath the TV remote?

We miss a lot of our lives when we are hidden behind a screen in order to capture a moment, but maybe we should take a break for a bit. Maybe we’ll enjoy what we find.

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