Sadies: Is it Even Worth Going to?

As you all know, the Sadie Hawkins dance is coming up on March 11. However, there has recently been a low attendance in dances this year and people are wondering if this will affect upcoming dances like Sadies and Prom.

Some students and staff members fear that it might affect Prom, but in order for Prom to be affected there would have to be even worse attendance rate for Sadies. Mrs. Garcia, the Finance Advisor, said, “…hopefully the low dance attendance won’t affect Prom, but there has been a trend of low attendance lately.”

Another thing to consider is the fact that Sadies is more of a casual dance and Prom is a huge formal dance so it is more likely for people to attend Prom than Sadies.

Although there has been low dance attendance, there are still people attending the dance. Aleaya Trotta, ’19, said, ¨[I’m going because] I want to make high school memories and have fun and I feel like going to these dances is a good way of making memories.”

There are also people who are not going to the dance for various reasons. Jada Shelley, ’18, said, ¨I’m not going to Sadies because I just really wasn’t feeling it and there was no one I really wanted to ask this year.”
Sadies might not be as important as formal dances, but it is definitely still a way to make memories! Remember, Sadies is also a single-ticket dance and anyone can go whether they have a date or not. It’s okay if Sadies isn’t for you, but hopefully you plan something just as fun during Sadies night!

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