High Expectations, Mediocre Results

Right to left: Anthony, ’17, and friends.

All my life I’ve wanted to go to a concert or rave, which is a gathering with good music and plenty of dancing. Finally being 18 allows me to go to do those type of events. I was scrolling my Instagram feed and I saw a friend post about an upcoming rave in Fresno that she was super excited about. So without hesitation, I grabbed my credit card and payed the $16.50  ticket. Once I bought that ticket, I was distracted by imagining what I expected it to be like. I would always see those videos of EDC, Coachella, and many more raves and it set my expectations pretty high. I even imagined what I would wear and how my friends and I would dance in slow motion to upbeat music. It was all great in my head.

Later on within that very day, the rave was coming up soon so I had to have a game plan with how my day was going to go. My friends and I made a group message with all the people who were going. We all talked about our outfits and I even googled “rave outfits for guys” to have an inspiration on what to wear because I’ve never been to one, so I didn’t really have much knowledge on what to look like for the event. We later on decided to go shopping for clothes and I expected it to be fun and special, but no one ended up wanting to shop so one person went and bought all of the clothes, which made the amount of texts in the group message overwhelming, but he got the stuff we needed and we moved on to the next day.

Rave day was finally here and I barely started to come up with an outfit. It wasn’t too stressful but it wasn’t a piece of cake either. After rummaging through my closet for a cool outfit I finally found one, but it didn’t come out like I imagined it to.

I go on with my day and wait for 7 p.m. to come around so I can start my drive to Fresno and get there by 8. I start my drive and the entire way there I’m just hyping myself up for this amazing rave and it’s really making my expectations go through the roof. Once I arrive, my friends and I meet up and wait in line. Once we’re in line the first thing noticed is that it’s a theater, which kind of killed my expectation of it being outside but all was well.I still went in with a smile and full of excitement. Being at the rave for a while I realized that the rave I am currently at and the raves I’ve seen on TV are two completely different experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I was having fun but I was a little disappointed to have set such high expectations for the fun I was going to have and then it be crushed by reality. The night ended and I went home with a totally different perspective on raves, but I’ve learned to not hype myself up over something that I have no knowledge about.

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