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For the past couple weeks, the Redwood Track & Field team has been selling Redwood gear to fundraise money for the team. The money fundraised will go towards transportation to meets, uniforms, and new equipment

“Sweaters, T-shirts, work out pants, lounging pants, hats, caps, and visors, a little bit of everything are all being sold in the fundraiser,” states Coach Jashuan Banks.

The coaches believe the this fundraiser shows the kids that you have to make money to be able to spend money.

Banks said, “It’s almost like a real life situation, where you have to go out and earn your money to help out your team as well as helping yourself to become a better athlete.”

Coach Joe Gonzales said, “Anytime we can raise money to send kids to Arcadia, or Mt Sac… it definitely can help the team out,”

Oscar Romero, ‘16, says “I think it’s a waste because everything is expensive and they only sell Redwood gear, but not everyone in my family goes to Redwood or wants to wear Redwood gear.”

If you would like to purchase Ranger gear contact a student in track.

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