No hats ALLOWED?!

Winter is coming to an end, and the cold is coming to a slight Holt but the weather in Visalia is being a little off. One moment it’s freezing cold and the next it feels like summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t wear hats. The new rule on hats has been enforced: no hats, beanies, or any headgear aloud on campus because of the weather clearing up. This is a problem for students.

Even though the weather is slightly warming up, students are still wearing hats and beanies because it’s still freezing. Just yesterday it was up to 46 degrees Fahrenheit and very windy. When there is wind, there’s a hat. This rule isn’t new. Teachers and Staff have been enforcing dress code through years and every time students have a problem. Here’s the thing though, some students including myself like to wear hats to block out the sun, make sure our hair is on point because let’s face it, it’s a style everyone likes to rock.

Hats are a stylish thing that students wear and hopefully teachers and staff can see that headgear isn’t a bad thing after all. Even though it can be a distraction, just simply tell the student to take it off in class. Let’s face it, some of us need to wear a hat on some days because of bed head or bad haircut.

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