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MED Mentorship Elections

On the 23rd and 27th of February, elections were help upstairs in the library and in room 94  for President, VP, Community Service Chair, Public Relations Chair, and Historian of the MED Mentorship Club.

Every member running for office had to give a presentation to convince members to vote for them. They all showed a great amount of effort and dedication to run for whatever it was they chose to run for. Each member of the club had to vote for one of the MED Mentorship members to contain a spot in the election.

MED Club Advisor, Gabe Munoz, said “You guys all did very well with presentations. I can see the amount of dedication and hard work you guy’s have put in your presentations. Very strong work. Good job you guys!”

After the votes were counted it was announced that the MED Mentorship Club decided on the following officers.

President – David Zegarra 20′

Vice President – Anthony Lopez 17′

Community Service Chair – Kenya Ochoa 19′

Public Relations Chair – Erika Nguyen 20′

Historian – Karen Munoz 19′


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