Happy Holidays from Sadies!

The Sadie Hawkins dance will take place on Saturday, March 11, from 8-11PM at the Golden West Gym. Sadies is different from many other dances because, according to tradition, girls ask the guys to the dance. Instead of being another formal dance, Sadies is more of a costume dance. Tickets will be sold in the finance center as single tickets. The prices are $15 with ASB sticker, $25 without, and $35 at the door. The theme for Sadies this year is holidays.

Tania Jiroudi, ‘19, said, “Some costume ideas for Sadie’s could be Christmas, with Buddy the Elf, and his girlfriend, [Jovie], [or]  Fourth of July with a flag dress, and a patriotic tie. If Golden West asks us to help them we will, but for now we don’t know…. We are promoting it by putting it on social media, putting signs up around, [and] sending reminds.”

Hailey Pritchett, ‘19,  said, ”Costume ideas could be Fourth of July, New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, etc. We are helping Golden West with the concession stand because they like the way we [ran] it. We are promoting it by marketing, social media, posters, and all the high schools are working together to make a video.”

Katie Salazar, ‘18, said, ”Since the theme is holiday you can wear pretty much anything because each day is like a minor holiday. We are going to help Golden West with the dance if they ask we are here. We are promoting Sadies by putting it on social media, posters around town and helping Golden West spread the word.”

Bryanna Martinez, ‘17, said, ”Holidays to dress up as could be Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day,  Chinese New Year, etc. We are extending our hand to Golden West if they are in need of help we are here to help. We are promoting it by putting it in the bulletin, flyers everywhere and spreading the word as much as we can.”

Jordan Vela, ‘19, said, ”I’m looking forward to have fun and enjoy the time spent with my girlfriend and friends. I am going to eat dinner with my friend either at Chili’s or Red Robin. I got ask to Sadie’s by my girlfriend on the 23 of February. I’m very excited because I couldn’t go last year so this year I have a chance. I felt surprised when I got asked because she was going to ask me last week so I wasn’t expecting it. I’m planning on wearing something associated with the Fourth of July.”

Briseida Bautista, ‘19, said, ”My plans for Sadie’s are getting ready, going to eat with friends, going to the dance and then after hanging out with my friends for a little while after. I was going to ask my boyfriend to Sadie’s last week but I thought it was too early. Then I was thinking of next Monday but it was going to rain so I decided to do it Thursday the 24th… I’m feeling excited for the dance because I went to another dance this school year and I liked the way we dressed up so I decided to go to Sadies. I’m looking forward to dressing up for the theme and planning what to wear. I’m thinking of either dressing up for the Fourth of July or Christmas.”

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