Valley Champions

On Friday February 24th, RHS Girls Soccer competed for the Valley Title against Sanger High School.

The girls from the wood came up victorious in an epic nail biting experience. They topped Sanger 1-0.

Brooke Crisp ‘17, is the captain of her team and is very well respected for her soccer skills. Crisp said, “I’m really excited, it doesn’t really feel real…” Crisp is proud on how her team has evolved and has been able to work hard to achieve whatever they desire. This being her last year, she knows the lower class men will not fail in leading the team.

Ariel Crawford ‘17 said, “That intensity was still there, we weren’t tired we weren’t giving up, we felt good…”

The girls never lost their determination and were definitely in it to win it. The team has a bond and it shows on the field. Their chemistry and connections are what made them get this far today. Without their hard work and teamwork, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this high of a goal.

Kaydee Keller ‘18, was very excited for another chance at the Valley title. Keller said, “Throughout the season we have become an actual team and not just a bunch of talented individuals…”. After a sketchy start to the season the girls were able to think alike and connect to reach massive heights.

Serina Sanchez ‘17 said, “ Pretty intense the first half it took us a little work to get started but we played them earlier in the season and they were a lot better than we expected it was very nerve racking to see they were so close to scoring a point before us.”
Coach Vieira feels happy for the kids. Vieira said, “Sanger was very good… I give them a lot of credit for the way they played.” Redwood girls fought hard and prevailed with a title.The team has had their ups and downs this season, but their coach never lost hope in them.

-Juan Hernandez ’18

– Ramses Romero Ortega ’18

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