Ranger Say: The School of Love

For the second year in a row, Redwood High School has held a Love Week on campus in dedication to Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Being the first school in Visalia to dedicate such a week to Valentine’s day, we celebrate the week of love with dress up days and a beautiful decorated campus. Now other schools have even started to do pay attention to this week. Comments like, “I wish my school did that,” are seen on twitter regarding Redwood. 

Four Rangers from four different grades, told me they thought about Redwood Love Week.

Jazmin Garcia ’20 experienced her very first Love Week and she said, “I feel like love week is really fun because Redwood gets involved with everything. They get involved with all the holidays and have so much spirit. My first experience was great, finding my heart and dressing up. So overall my experience was really good.”

McKenzie Collins ’19 “I think love week is really fun. Not many places recognize all the holidays, so I think it’s nice that we celebrate it a little bit more. To dress up, and have fun. I think that’s what make redwood special. We include everyone with dress up days. I just really think that it’s awesome that Redwood actually does this.”

Corinne Hopper ’18, said, “This years Love week was pretty short for me, but it was completely different from last year, because this year I am actually dating someone. Unlike last year where it was like kinda sad and lonely and I was seeing some many people that were in relationships.  Luckily I got to be on the other side of that this year. The two days I was here was really fun. I think it’s really cool because it’s something only our school does. It’s very unique. It makes going to Redwood even more special.”

Chace Martin ’17, said, “The more dress up days, the better. So it’s kinda cool that we have a Love Week. It would be cool if the other school catch on to this, because I feel like they would have a lot of fun like we do here at Redwood.”  

So Redwood Rangers really love Love Week, and it’s definitely a success. The spirit shows during the week of love. See you next year Love Week!

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