For Life?

The senior’s final year is quickly coming to a close. With only 4 more months left, many students have already applied for colleges, taken the SAT/ACT, and are preparing for the next chapter of their life. A group of these seniors have been preparing for this time of their life since their freshmen year. Several students have been in CSF for at least 4 semesters, including one of their senior semesters, making them CSF lifetime members. Some students have even been a member every single semester making them a 100% CSF lifetime member.

Mrs. Cheatwood, the CSF advisor for over 10 years and 9th grade English teacher, says, ”being a lifetime member can inspire a student to achieve good grades and challenge themselves to take AP classes which inevitably affects a student’s education and allows a member to become recognized at their graduation.” Mrs. Cheatwood also said, “a lifetime remember has a higher chance of getting into the colleges they applied for rather than their competing colleagues who are not CSF lifetime members because it is based off of a student’s GPA, and students who are in CSF tend to have a higher GPA compared to students not in CSF.”

Bryanna Martinez, ‘18, said, “I always knew that CSF held a prestige value so I knew that I wanted to be a part of the club.” Bryanna knew that it would be hard to meet the standards every semester, but prepared and took AP classes which allowed her to get the points she needed. Although it may have been a struggle to keep grades up throughout the year, Bryanna knew that it would all be worth it.

Brooke Crisp, ‘18, said, “Because I am a lifetime member, my transcript will have a CSF emblem which will stand out and represent academic achievement throughout my highschool years.” Brooke knew that when challenging herself and maintaining straight A’s in all her classes, she would be able to stay a member in CSF. CSF influenced Brooke’s choices in classes and allowed her to challenge herself by taking AP and A-G requirement classes.

If you are an incoming freshman or a student deciding whether or not to join the club and looking to be academically challenged and recognized for your hard work at graduation, then CSF is the club for you. Make sure to sign up next school year in Mrs. Cheatwood’s classroom!

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