Despite the Rain, Love Week was Lovely

My first impression of love week as a freshman was that RHS makes everything spectacular.

photo cred Evan House

I was very impressed how ASB wrote everyone’s name on a heart and placed the hearts throughout the school. It was very exciting trying to find where my name was placed at. It was also fun have people stick their hearts on me.

Another thing that made love week unique was the roses that got handed out with a little note. It was a nice way to show a little love and appreciation to your friends. The roses were very nice and pretty, and spiced up your note that that you payed to get handed out to a friend.

Even though it rained throughout LOVE week it didn’t really affect me not having a great time, I still had a fantastic time enjoying every little second of the week.

I also thought that the dress up days were really themed well. I have tons of fun dressing up with my friends and taking lots of pictures.

My favorite part of love week was probably all the cute posters around the school and the cute LOVE sign. It made the school very unique and different than all the other school in Visalia.

All in all my first love week at RHS was a definite success and I had a great time enjoying it with all my friends. It was definitely one of the weeks that I won’t forget because I made lots of memories and can not wait to make more next year.

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