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CMEA is Around The Corner!

The annual CMEA Festival is around the corner for our choirs here at Redwood High. A few current Ranger Choir seniors were asked if they believe that they feel that the choir

Redwood’s Ranger Choir singers.

is ready to perform at the end of this week.

Carissa Gonzalez, ’17, said, “I think Ranger is in a great spot for festival. We’ll definitely be well prepared when we have a few more rehearsals under our belt.” She also mentioned that her favorite piece that they are planning on singing this Thursday is “a spiritual called Signs of the Judgement. It’s so intricate and intense and really challenges the vocal ranges of all the members of the choir.”

Abbie Lohener, ’17, said, “Ranger choir is in good shape for CMEA. We have been rehearsing our music since this semester started, but this last week has really been about cleaning and perfecting which will put as at the top of our game.” Her favorite song is also the spiritual because “it’s such a fun song and we get to do so much with it that it would be impossible not love it.” 

Ranger Choir will be performing Thursday, March 2, at 7pm in the LJ Williams Theater in front of three judges and all of the other advanced high school choirs in the Visalia Unified School District.

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