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A Sneak Peak into the Life of a CSF Lifetime Member

The California Scholarship Federation celebrates certain seniors in high school by presenting them with the Lifetime Member Award. The award allows the individuals to be featured at graduation through favored seating and gold tassels attached to their graduation caps.

The award is given to graduating seniors who apply and are accepted into CSF four out of the six possible semesters in 10th through 12th grade, requiring one semester to be the result of their senior year grades.

PJ Yebisu, ‘17, a CSF Lifetime Member, said, “[My proudest moment] was when I got a 4 on the AP Physics exam.” Last year only 54.6% of students who took the test were able to achieve that grade or higher.

Sid Bradshaw, ‘17, another CSF Lifetime Member, said, “[My proudest moment] was passing both the AP Language and Comp and the AP U.S. History tests.” Both of these tests were academically demanding with pass rates averaging around 53%.

In order to achieve high grades Hardeep Kaur, ‘17, CSF Lifetime Member, said, “I get help and go to the right people. I’ve picked up studying with a group because when you’re with other people there is a safety net.”

Yebisu said, “I fiind someway to learn the lesson again whether talking to your friend or using the textbook.”

Mrs. Cheatwood, Redwood’s CSF advisor, explained the purpose of the award in a little more in depth. “The purpose is to honor high scholastic grades and to encourage community service,” Cheatwood said.

Mrs. Cheatwood said, “[My favorite part is] the appreciation of the hard works students put in… also the community service it provide.”

Besides all the prestige, the award comes with special perks such as recognition by universities and employers for the students’ academic achievement as well as possible scholarships.

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