Flipping into the Season

The Redwood Diving team has been practicing and training hard for their upcoming meets. They try to contribute as much as possible to their team for which this year’s team seems to be much smaller than the past.

Savannah Crippen, ‘18,  said “It’s definitely been a challenge to change my form to relieve stress off my knee but I feel I have been performing well”. Her injury is nothing to stop her from doing what she wants and trying her absolute best.

 The new divers are trying hard to become the best they can and will not disappoint.

Ian Doellefeld, ‘19, is a new diver just starting to get into the flow said “These practices have really gotten me prepared for this upcoming meet”.

The team’s rigorous practices are more than enough to get the divers into shape to perform as well as they can. He also said “I am a little nervous but just like the other divers I’m trying my best to be successful”.

This shows that the divers are trying their absolute best to provide the most possible for their team.
The Redwood Diving team has much less players this year than the past years, but that does not let that put them down. All the players are contributing so much to make their team specialized in quality not quantity.

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