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This year the 8th grade visit took place on February 17th. Eighth graders from private schools, Oak Grove, and Green Acres came to tour the school to help gain a better understanding about Redwood academics and culture.

Bryanna Martinez, ‘17, was an MC for the assembly, and she personally introduced the future Rangers to all of our clubs on campus. Martinez said that Redwood’s student leaders were eager to welcome the eighth graders to the Ranger family. Martinez said “The eighth grade visit is important because it eases the transition from middle school to high school.”

Brianna Lopez, ‘19, was a tour guide that helped the eighth graders know the general buildings located on Redwood High School. Lopez said she thinks the tour went well because she feels she did a good job informing her group about Redwood Campus. Lopez said “Having Love Week during the 8th grade visit allowed us to show them school culture and embrace them with love at the same time.”

Mida Portillo, ‘17, performed in the eighth grade assembly for International Dance. Portillo said performing was her favorite part. Portillo said “I think performing was important because all of these future Rangers are coming from not a lot of options, and it is important to show that Redwood offers a lot of variety.”

To check out some photos from this day, click here.

Author of story: Eric Chavez

Photographer: Miranda Aguirre

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