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Writing on the Walls is Back

Redwood’s writing club, Red Ink, is hosting the Writing on the Walls Contest which is a chance to showcase a student’s art and poetry. Anyone can submit their works for this contest. The submissions are judged by the class of Advanced Literature and Expression as well as a few English teachers and the winners even get prizes!

Samantha Castillo, ‘18, said, “If you place in first, second, or third in Poetry, Fiction or Art then you get a huge banner hung up to display your work in Ranger Hall.” So if you’re an artist who needs to be heard this might be just what you need!

Castillo also said, “Last year, I won second place in the fiction category so I earned a huge banner with my work displayed around campus. Also, you can send in multiple submissions for more chances.”

The more art submitted the better chance of winning.

Andrea Martinez, ‘17, said, “My past experiences with the contest are amazing! There have always been wonderful performers and different material presented every year on that night.
If there are any further questions or if a submission needs to be sent in, go to Room 101 and talk to Ms. Link. They will be accepting works until March 3.

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