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Video Game Review: ‘Rocket League’

“Rocket League” developed and published by Psyonix

This video game, available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows, was a massive boom for the company of Psyonix. This opportunity brought millions of people to play such a unique and irreplaceable game. Rocket League is a vehicular soccer game that can be played competitively, solo, and many other ways.

On competitive mode players compete against each other either solo, doubles, or standard to promote themselves up the ranks. The rank and competitive system was flawless for Rocket League. They were able to perfectly solve the people’s problems by various updates that furthered the games experience. For those who are not capable of using an internet connection, there are many other playing options provided for them.

Aside from playing different kinds of game modes, there is the actual game-play. The controls in the game can be slightly better, for they are uncoordinated and off. There are options to change the controls, which helps, but it’s not good for everyone to change the settings. The Rocket League company should change their default, so it’s easier for everyone. The motion and swiftness in the game is keen, and there seems to be no problem in that category. The camera view is adjustable, which is another great addition to the settings.

The car customization was a wonderful asset to the game that lets the player create their personal, decorated car. Although there are some things that need to be purchased, there are plenty of different combinations that can be made. Their various updates and additions to the game expand the endless customizations a player can make. This is makes a player feel better about themselves, which is special about Rocket League.

Overall, Rocket League was a successful release for Psyonix, in which the game mixes both intensive and personal traits. Bringing millions of people to a unique game was the goal of this game, in which they achieved. Their quick and frequent updates will soon cover up all their small problems, making it even more flawless than it already has become. Rocket League is a great competitive game for everyone of interest.

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