Running towards Victory

RHS track has their first long distance meet of the year on February 24th, 1pm at Buchanan high school. They will be competing against multiple schools and will be taking along 27 runners from Redwood.

Coach Gonzalez is very confident that his runners will come on top.

Gonzalez stated, “Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape which is a good marker for the rest of the year.”  Gonzalez also stated how the team has been working very hard and says that everyone is stepping up. When asked about the weather affecting training Gonzalez replied with, “There’s no bad weather, just weak runners.” Gonzalez has full confidence in his team and believes they are well prepared for this meet.

The runners are excited for the track meet as well.

Ally Zermeno ‘18 is ready to test herself and just “go for it”. Zermeno is running multiple events in the meet.

Zermeno stated, “This year I have been putting in work since the beginning of the school year and I know I am a lot more prepared than I was last year.”

With some runners coming in late from Winter sports, the team has been working extra hard to prepare for the season.

Jennifer Suarez ‘18 feels really good about her and her team’s ability to perform. When asked about any felt differences for the season, Suarez stated,”It feels different because we have new coaches and we are more sectioned off as to which events we run.” Suarez stated that this has helped the team to focus more and take things more serious this upcoming season.

Laykyn Branco ‘17 is a Senior on the Redwood Track team. Branco stated, “ It is my last first track meet of my high school career, so I am a little nervous but also excited to see what I can do.”

The team has been training very hard since November, so they are very prepared for this meet.  We wish luck to our fellow members and support them at every meet.


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