Rain Can’t Stop Them

         These past months have been cold and difficult for our Redwood sports to play at their best. The cancellation of games and practices has been high due to the constant rain and conditions far playable. While this weather has been slowing the progress of these team’s training, they seem to be successful in their games.

 Jason Vieira, head Coach of the Varsity Girls Soccer team for Redwood, explains that the weather conditions are not enough to slow the girls on the field.

Vieira said “This has been a very wet season but I feel the girls are used to it by now.” This shows that the players have adapted to the wet and cold weather, and are able to play their best in difficult times. The girls seem to have no problem with the weather due to winning their Semifinal match on February 21, 2017.

  Mr. Sozinho, the Athletics Director of Redwood, is the person in which decides the cancellation of games. Carefully examining the field conditions and the weather for the day, he makes a conclusion on whether there is going to be a match or not.

Sozinho said “We look at the weather patterns and make a determination if it’s safe to play or not.” This shows that his number one priority is safety and the main purpose in why canceling games is really necessary.

Adam Miller, ‘17, is a Varsity tennis player in which tries hard to make his team successful. Instead of the rain being much of a problem, the strong winds seem to make it more difficult for the team to be the best they can.

Miller said “The winds force me to make a few adjustments to how I play, but overall it doesn’t seem to be a problem for the team”. This means that the Tennis team has to adapt to the winds, but it’s nothing the team can not handle.

The weather this year has been much more wet and difficult from the past years, and the Redwood teams are trying hard not to be affected by this. The Redwood sports are skilled and work hard to make the weather not be a problem for them, and that’s what makes them great athletes.

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