Mr. Ranger Week!

Mr. Ranger Week is right around the corner, starting March 6, and the boys of Redwood are getting pumped up to show what makes them a Ranger. Mr. Ranger night will be Friday, March 10, and everyone is ready to show their school spirit during Mr. Ranger week. This event is like the Homecoming for the guys, which means it’s a big deal.

Katie Salazar, ’18, the commissioner, said,”We try to make it as important as Homecoming, because we kind of switch it, Homecoming is for the girls. This is like Homecoming for the guys, just without the football game.”

The school spirit that went around during Homecoming week is coming back for the excitement of Mr. Ranger week. Everyone is really pumped up to see who will be nominated for this event and also who will win. We hope to see everyone riled up and participating.

Salazar also said,”Mr. Ranger week is about finding the guy who has the most Ranger spirit, so the guys will go on stage and have a talent, a question and some other performances that show that they have Ranger spirit. Throughout the week, they’re dress up days, competitions, lunch activities like we do for Homecoming.”

All guys here at Redwood High School are great, but we’re trying to see who has the awesome spirit the and capability to represent Redwood High School. Just as clubs nominated girls for homecoming, the clubs will again be nominating guys from their club. Dress up week is still to be announced, but will be revealed within the week.

Bryanna Martinez, ’17, the ASB President, said, “The clubs are involved because we expect them to nominate a boy, they’re not required tho but we strongly encourage then to do so”

Martinez also said, “I think you should expect a week full of spirit and fun!”

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