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Damn Yankees Was A Hit!

Redwood’s musical Damn Yankees was a fun and entertaining story of Joe Boyd who sells his soul to the devil to play baseball, but longs to return to his old life with his wife.

The musical was accompanied by Redwood’s band which gave the musical a lively feel to it. The music they performed was upbeat and made the theatre come to life even more.

The set pieces also added to the musical since it incorporated several ads that were obviously from the 1950s. Huge billboards lined the background advertising products such as Double Bubble Gum and Wheaties. This helped place the viewer in the time zone.

Mikayla Hayes did an amazing job portraying Lola the temptress. Her dance movements and accents perfectly portrayed the message that she was there to tempt Joe into staying away from his wife. But her transition from a temptress to someone with feeling was seamless.

Overall the musical was able to portray the message of loving what you have perfectly. The final scene of Joe Boyd and his wife reuniting left me in tears.

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