Varsity Girl’s Soccer Goes to Valley

Tonight, February 24th Redwood’s Varsity Girl’s Soccer will compete against Sanger; in the Mineral King Bowl for the Valley title.

Last year the girls made it to Valley as well, however were unable to take the win. However this year the Rangers will be playing with a new sense of motivation. Kaydee Keller, ‘18 said, “We are so ready, yesterday in practice we just wanted to play the game already, we want it, we are psyched.”

The girls have had a great season with eleven wins and only one loss, tonight is looking pretty bright for the rangers. Brooke Crisp, ‘17 a four year varsity member said that the hardest part of the season was to help their new players, “adapt to the varsity level of play.” But now that they have learned to work together as a team she thinks that they will be able to pull out a win against Sanger.

Ckalysta Hutchings, ‘18 said, “We have been practicing every day working really hard taking it one step at a time. We focused on winning games and we have never taken our eye off of the goal.” All three girls expect a win tonight, and hope that their fellow Rangers will come support them.

The game starts tonight Friday, February 26th, at 6:00 in the bowl.

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