What the Pho?!

Pho and Seafood is a Vietnamese restaurant on N. Court Street in Visalia, Ca. They serve the best pho in the area. They have been open for several years and continue to become more popular as time goes by. They serve many different types of dishes and have great customer service. They intend to serve quality food with friendly service and they succeed.

There are several Vietnamese/pho restaurants in town. I have ate at five of them in Visalia, including Pho and Seafood, and I’ve eaten at one in Tulare. Pho and Seafood surpasses each of these restaurants in terms of quality food. They each have their pros and cons. They are also all nice restaurants. However, they do not compare to Pho and Seafood business.

Pho and Seafood is not perfect. The restaurant is pretty small. Its popularity attracts many customers which often leads into long waits for food or service. Also, many find its location to be in a somewhat dangerous place. Lastly, some believe that the dining room is not as clean as they would prefer it to be. These negative do not outweigh the positives. The location or size of the restaurant does not affect the experience of eating inside. The wait for food is because of the large amount of people who are willing to wait for the food because of the great quality. The dining room is cleaned as it needs to be, otherwise changes would have been made a long time ago.

This restaurant intends to provide a great dining experience and they do excellent in their attempt. They will continue to grow more popular as time goes by. They will also improve their cons to decrease the amount of negative feedback towards them. Anyone looking for quality pho or Vietnamese food will be more than happy at Pho and Seafood.


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