A Helping Hand: Morning Addition

A healthy nutritious breakfast is the best way to start a morning. Waking up in general is no fun for anyone so why not try some methods to making it easier on yourself. It’s important for us students to get our rest, but it’s even more important wake up and go to school on time. School is a time and place for full focus and concentration and in order to have those two things, energy is required.

No time to make breakfast? No Problem! Something as simple as a bowl of cereal should help out with energy. Try and stay away from those sugary types and lean towards the whole grain cereals because sugar will give you an energy boost but it won’t last all day long compared to whole gain. Maybe even grab a fruit, like a banana, apple, orange, grapes, any type will help with

Got time? Make a healthy breakfast sandwich which includes eggs, cheese, and sausage! The ingredients will be enough to give you the amount of energy needed to start your morning at school and maybe have a fruity smoothly on the side to give you the burst of a healthy energy rush.

In the article, “Food For Energy: 16 Foods That Will Wake You Up”, Kim Stinson-Burt, a dietitian at Nutritionally Your Best, says, “Eating breakfast regularly and snacking regularly throughout the day, as well as drinking lots of water, can keep energy levels high.”

Remember, water makes up 60% of our body and having a glass every morning would help us stay hydrated. If not water then juices or milk should do the trick for a drink in the morning. Whatever you choose to be your beverage, remember to take a bottle of water to school just to have to stay hydrated.

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